Restaurant and pool : By The Pool

Welcome to Fairmont Monte Carlo, where luxury and relaxation converge at the peak of our urban oasis: the rooftop pool. Our exclusive concept “By The Pool” transforms this space into a winter getaway, offering a unique experience that combines breathtaking views, luxury, and exceptional gastronomy within our restaurant and pool, for a complete experience in Monaco.


In the heart of Monaco, our heated pool becomes the enchanting backdrop for our restaurant and pool in Monaco, where each dish tells a story of authentic Mediterranean flavors. Our talented chef team invites you to savor a captivating gastronomic experience at the top of the Principality.


Discover the pleasure of indulging in exquisite dishes with a panoramic view of the Mediterranean Sea. Whether you opt for light dishes on a sunny afternoon or more substantial creations for a warm evening, our restaurant By The Pool offers a variety of choices for every palate.


Join us at the peak of Fairmont Monte Carlo, where the By The Pool concept redefines the very idea of a pool into a complete experience, blending relaxation, gastronomy, and the incomparable charm of Monaco. Our restaurant and pool in Monaco By The Pool is a celebration of refinement at the pinnacle of Monegasque life.