La Vallée Spa

Standing elegantly on a legendary rock, inspired by Swiss nature, the energy of the cosmos, the flow of the sea, and graced by the overflowing generous universe. Located steps away from the hypnotic blue waters and open sky, the spa is a luxurious and spacious sanctuary filled with natural light that immediately connects you with the magnificent beauty of the sea. Upon entering the spa, all of your senses are engaged, allowing you to be transported by the magical and sophisticated scene, signature scent and ambient lighting that creates the perfect link between a memorable wellness experience and to where results and well-being are tailored to the needs of everyone. To enhance your treatment experience and give you an empowering unique voyage connecting nature, elegance, space and reflection, precious candles, linens and delightful accessories have been chosen with care to connect you to the elements of the universe and the sea. Every detail is designed to enhance your pleasure and to allow you to fully surrender to your transforming ritual.