Nobu Restaurant

Within the Fairmont Monte Carlo hotel, Nobu Monaco stands out as an exceptional restaurant seamlessly blending Japanese and Peruvian influences, while offering guests breathtaking views of the azure Mediterranean. This Monaco restaurant plays a pivotal role, becoming a global icon in gastronomy due to its unique fusion cuisine.


Indulge in iconic dishes such as the renowned Black Cod Yuzu, where cod is marinated for 72 hours before being oven-roasted. Taste the hobayaki beef, Saint-Jacques sashimis, and the most delicate sushi in Monaco, all crafted by the renowned chef Nobu Matsuhisa. Embark on a sensory journey exploring the most exquisite cuisines worldwide without leaving the French Riviera.


Discover the perfect blend of tradition and innovation at Nobu Monaco, a must-visit among restaurants in Monaco on the international gastronomic stage. Reserve now for a culinary experience that harmonizes flavor perfection with the beauty of the Mediterranean.