The restaurants and bars of Fairmont Monte Carlo

In Monaco, the charm of the French Riviera and diverse influences create a timeless yet dynamic universe, beautifully captured in our Monaco-based restaurants and bars. The exceptional cuisines of our restaurants and the refined creations of our bars reflect this captivating variety. Each of our establishments offers a unique interpretation of the cultural richness of the Riviera, with panoramic views of Monaco and the Mediterranean Sea as a common thread.


Discover Monaco’s excellence in the menus of the restaurants and bars at Fairmont Monte Carlo: the globally renowned Nobu restaurant, Nikki Beach Monte Carlo located on the rooftop, Amù Monte Carlo with its incredible terrace, the bistro-style restaurant at the Lobby Lounge with panoramic views, and two enchanting bars.


Explore these different addresses in more detail and book your table for an unforgettable experience in the exquisite world of the restaurants and bars at Fairmont Monte Carlo in Monaco.

Under the guidance of experienced chefs, the brigades in our kitchens work following criteria of excellence and sustainability.

At Nobu, Chef Jérôme Lorvellec perpetuates the expertise and creative spirit of Chef Nobuyuki Matsuhisa, following recipes that blend traditional Japanese cuisine with hints of Peruvian gastronomy. At Nikki Beach Club, Chef Alessandro Pizza has left his mark on an international menu by incorporating lessons learned from his career across five continents.

Our teams incorporate into their passion-filled profession the protection of the planet by choosing to prioritize local seasonal products and species recommended by the Mr Goodfish program. This European program, in partnership with the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, influences the creation of all our menus. Its goal is to raise awareness among the public about the sustainable consumption of seafood, and its action extends far beyond our kitchens, reaching the entire seafood industry, from fishmongers to fishermen and restaurateurs, all the way to consumers.

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