Gastronomy and luxury accommodation

Host exceptional corporate events in Monaco at the Fairmont Monte Carlo Hotel. Experience more than just a meeting or seminar venue – our establishment in Monaco offers the exclusivity of a luxury resort to cater to all your professional needs. Our spaces go beyond functional work areas; we provide a complete experience. From comfortable accommodation for your participants to exquisite on-site lunches, personalized gourmet breaks, lively afterwork events, and memorable dinners at our bars and restaurants, every detail is carefully orchestrated.


Our renowned chef and their team are at your complete disposal to customize refined menus that will delight your guests. Whether you want to organize a sumptuous banquet or an elegant cocktail party, we strive to create an exceptional culinary experience that meets your professional expectations.


By choosing our establishment, you’re opting for more than just a meeting venue; you’re investing in a luxurious atmosphere, quality service, and meticulous attention to detail to make your professional event in Monaco a memorable and successful experience. Explore the possibilities of corporate events in Monaco at the Fairmont Monte Carlo Hotel.