Ceremonies: Kosher Cuisine and Bar Mitzvah

Our team is wholeheartedly committed to ensuring full compliance with kosher traditions, thereby guaranteeing an authentic cuisine that respects religious precepts.


At the core of our commitment to kosher cuisine, we have established a fully dedicated and separate kitchen, allowing our team of experienced chefs to ensure strict adherence to the rules and practices outlined by Jewish traditions. Every step of the culinary process is meticulously supervised, from ingredient selection to preparation and cooking.


To reinforce our commitment to kosher quality, we are privileged to have the supervision of Rabbi Tanhoum Matusof, a respected authority from the Jewish Cultural Center of Monaco (JCCM). His expertise and guidance play an essential role in our relentless pursuit of perfection, ensuring a culinary experience that faithfully reflects timeless values and standards.


Discover the finesse of our kosher cuisine, where each dish is prepared with dedication, passion, and the utmost respect for traditions. Immerse yourself in a unique culinary experience where the authenticity of flavors harmoniously blends with the richness of Jewish culture. We are proud to invite you to a gastronomic journey where spirituality and indulgence converge.